Cat Boarding in Montreal

Located in the Outremont borough of Montreal, Chaton Santé Clinique Vétérinaire Pour Chats offers a cat boarding facility that provides a safe and enjoyable experience for your cat while you are away!

Rest assured that we treat every pet with loving care!

A setting conducive to the well being of your cat

Are you planning to go on a business trip or holiday for a few days and you are unable to take your cat with you?

Contact us to keep a careful watch over your kitty! While with us, your cat will get playtime and attention from our cat-loving team.

Our home-style facilities are clean, flea-free and climate-controlled! We also watch your pet for signs of potential health problems and contact you immediately if a problem arises.

We are skilled at taking care of pets with special needs, including older cats with low mobility.

Cat Boarding Montreal

Our cat boarding facility is equipped with everything your pet needs to be happy and healthy


Make sure your pet gets the best care possible

At Chaton Santé Clinique Vétérinaire Pour Chats, our goal is to make each pet feel at home and become a happy member of our family!

Count on our dedicated staff to spend time with your cat everyday, either playing with them or simply petting, brushing and cuddling them.

You can also rest easy knowing that our veterinarians are just a few steps away if a problem arises.

No matter what the age and lifestyle of your pet, we follow your instructions regarding feeding, medications and other care needs.

Cat Boarding Montreal

We make your cat feel at home


Our strengths:

  • Wealth of experience
  • Compassion and love
  • Unparalleled expertise

Whether you live in Laval or Longueuil, contact us to learn more about our services!