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Sterilization in Outremont

Rely on the expertise of the team at Chaton Santé Clinique Vétérinaire Pour Chats in Montreal to sterilize your cat.

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What you need to know about cat sterilization

You can count on us to perform your cat's sterilization operation under the best possible conditions. The procedure involves removal of the ovaries and uterus for females, and castration for males.

Do you want to regulate the birth of kittens? Spaying and neutering eliminates the risk of unwanted kittens. Neutering benefits both the cat and its owner.

You can also entrust your little companion to our carefree cat vaccination service. Contact us today!

We sterilize and treat your cat's pathologies. Our practice is located in Outremont

Sterilization Outremont
Our services :
  • Sterilization
  • Vaccination
  • Grooming
Our strengths :
  • Professionalism
  • Expertise
  • Advice for owners
Where to find us :
  • Our veterinary clinic is located in the borough of Outremont, in the city of Montreal.

Why sterilize your cat in Outremont?

Female cats come into heat by cycle of two to three weeks, and they're constantly making plaintive meows. With male cat, the urine gets a strong smell when they go through puberty and may do some marking. With spaying and neutering performed by our veterinarians, your cat will avoid all those inconveniences.

This may reduce their aggressive impulses in certain cases and make them more affectionate and calmer. Sterilization is the best option for you to reduce the risk of runaways, accidents, and noise pollution.

For your cat's health, sterilization also reduces the risk of mammary tumors and prevents the development of pathologies linked to the sexual organs. We also offer vaccination and cat food sales.

Trust our vets to sterilize your kitty

Aseptisation Outremont