Sterilization in Outremont

Located in Outremont, Montreal, Chaton Santé Clinique Vétérinaire Pour Chats specializes in cat grooming services to meet your needs and those of your kitty!

Visit us to give your cat a complete makeover.

Your cat’s well being is our priority

Can you imagine how you would look and feel if you never bathed, brushed your teeth or trimmed your nails?

It’s no different for cats! Contact us if you wish to make your cat look and feel better.

We believe in providing grooming services that are truly beneficial to your cat.

We also have the expertise to make sure your pet has a good grooming experience! Treat your kitty to a private grooming session!

Cat Grooming Montreal

Our professional groomers are attentive and thorough


Expert grooming services

Since 1988, Chaton Santé Clinique Vétérinaire Pour Chats has been serving a large number of clients in Laval, Longueuil and the surrounding areas.

You can trust us with your little companion and rest assured that we treat every pet with loving care.

Contact us to schedule an appointment at our grooming salon and our experts will be happy to recommend the right service for your cat.

Drawing on 30 years of experience in feline behaviour, we also have all sorts of tricks and techniques to handle anxious pets.

Cat Grooming Montreal

Your cat will leave our salon looking like royalty


We have unparalleled expertise in:

  • Feline nutrition


  • Parasite prevention
  • Cat vaccinations

Contact us to learn more about our services!